Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Free Books

"The Art of Money Getting", neat little book about personal economy.
(Funny: some commercial outfit is giving this book as a part of a deal and saying it's worth $97, while you can find it for free everywhere! LOL.)

I have found this really cool free app for iPhone and iPad: Free Books. It's not only a good ebook reader, but it has access to a very large number (23.000+) of free ebooks. The books can be found elsewhere too, but in this app they are easy to find and they are formatted nicely. And since it's free, whaddaya have to lose? (There are several apps which deliver a much lower number of out-of-copyright books, but charge for it.)

This is a good example of the many strengths of ebook readers. Since it costs next to nothing to copy and deliver stuff, you can find a lot of content for free. I'll bet that after you have the device, you could read for the rest of your life and not spend a cent.