Sunday, March 1, 2015

"You should buy the iPhone 6 Plus instead of the iPhone 6"

You should buy the iPhone 6 Plus instead of the iPhone 6, article 

I agree. It has a better camera, especially the anti-shake. And much better battery life, very important for busy people, just notice the absolutely HUGE market for phone extra-batteries and odd chargers. 

One thing that puzzles me is that the author says he bought a Kindle also because he finds the Six Plus a notch too small for Kindle reading. 
I don't get that because while I admit that I and many people would not want a smaller screen (though another group of "many people" actually read a lot on their smaller phones), I find, as I had predicted on this very site, the Six Plus to be just about the best pocketable ereader money can buy. (Not cheap, but then it's much more than just an ereader.)

This was confirmed by one of our best commenters, Ganesha Games, he told me: "I just got an iPhone Six Plus. It's the perfect ereader." 

It's not the best for everything of course. For complex layout or graphic rich text, you will want a bigger screen. And a bigger screen is good for many things, especially if you don't have to carry the device around much. BUT: for reading pure text, and for a portable reader (you can carry in a pocket or a small purse), the Six Plus is just amazing. It's light, the screen is sharp as heck, it has the best Kindle software anywere (it's actually better than Amazon's own Kindle Fire devices in some areas!). 

It's a very slick little fokker too, physically, easy to drop, so I recommend getting a rubber bumper. Or do like I do, put a simple loop of leather or fabric on the back to stick a few fingers through, for a remarkably better grip, almost totally effortless. You can use Velcro, or get a cheap bumper case with a back and use superglue.