Saturday, March 19, 2011

Writing and Publishing to Blogs from the iPad

Writing and Publishing to Blogs from the iPad, article.
This fella uses his ipad as his main writing, researching, and publishing machine!
He doesn't even use an external keyboard, usually. It's funny how the screen keyboard works very poorly for some (like me), but really well for others. I'm amazed at how some people are so comfortable typing on the iPad screen. Personally I find the process torturous, so I'm envious.

But I love the idea of an iPad as a whole publishing machine. That is truly powerful. The entry barriers to so many things in this digital age has just come so far down that it's far, far closer to a level playing field than it ever has before. If you have talent and work ethic and an idea, it only takes that and $500 for a computer or iPad, and off you go. That's what I did with my web business. I wouldn't have had a clue how to do such a thing before the web, and I couldn't have made it work, and wouldn't have liked it if I did, what with all the BS one would have to deal with daily in publishing, printers and minions and unions and onions...

iPad interface maturing

iPad interface maturing, article on my mainstream blog.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Analysis of iPad 2 display shows performance similar to iPhone 4

Analysis of iPad 2 display shows performance similar to iPhone 4, article.
Although the iPad 2 display's 132 ppi doesn't compare favorably to the iPhone 4's 326 ppi, Dr. Soneira calls the pixel density on the Retina Display "overkill" anyway. He believes some of the iPad 2 display's shortcomings could be addressed in software; Dr. Soneira says "anti-aliasing on the iPad 2 is far from state-of-the-art and degrades the perceived sharpness of text and graphics." Indeed, comparing the anti-aliasing on an iPad display versus a notebook display with a similar pixel density shows the iPad suffers from greater pixellation.
[...] Perhaps improved anti-aliasing for the iPad 2 is something we should add to our wish list for iOS 5.

It seems the first one may just not have had the processing power to make such fine anti-aliasing as say, the MacBook Air.
However it is, I hope something changes soon, for while the iPad display is far from bad, when you put it next to the iPhone 4 or a MacBook... :-(

Ereader or tablet?

The point was brought up whether ereaders and tablet are really competitors? Are they in the same market?

It's a good question, but for me, I think they are. I use my iPad mainly as an ereader, and even when I *only* want the best ereader I have, I take the iPad, not my Kindle 3. The Kindle's slowness and grey screen is a turn-off.

If we look at Smartphones, they can do many, many more things than normal cell phones can, but they are clearly competitors, since you can soon barely buy a "normal" cell phone anymore, it's becoming smartphones all around.

A tablet is clearly a different device from a dedicated ereader. But... it can do everything an ereader can do. So basically, there will only be a raison d'etre for ereaders so long as the decicated devices have clear advantages in weight, in price, or in usability.

With the Kindle 3, it has a big advantage in weight and in price. But surprisingly, not in usability. One would think a physical keyboard would be an advantage, but not the way Amazon has made it, it isn't! And the lack of touch-screen operation is a big minus.

If and when, and it's probably only a question of time, you can get real tablets which are the size and weight of a Kindle, and not a lot more expensive, then I think the game is over. There is hardly a market of people who will buy product A at the same price as product B if B has the same usability and portability, but many more features.

The only small thing left is if and when somebody wants to read in the sun. Well, it seems they now have developed very fast e-ink screens, so I'm sure we'll see a niche-market tablet with such a screen for those who want their skin good 'n toasted.

"Move Over, Apple! My Tablet Cost $200"

Move Over, Apple! My Tablet Cost $200, article.
Has some interesting thoughts about the fast-developing tablet market, and pricing in it.
I wonder how long it'll be before tablets are priced like pocket calculators, basic models given away for promotion, top scientific models costing $39? Five years? Eight?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

iPad II "smart cover"

Here's a review of the famous iPad II "smart cover".
I think it's a bit limited in its use, and over-priced.

So I think I'll Just continue to use my cheap and simple A-Case, which protects and acts as a multi-angle stand too. It's light-weight and works very well.

Funny though, it seems the iPad II is already selling even hotter than the first one! Incredible, as the French say.

For me, there is no type of ereader device which yet comes close in quality or usability to the iPad, there's no contest. I am still hoping there will yet be a contest, that'd be fun. I am hoping for Amazon to really spring a big bomb in the fall, with an outstanding Kindle 4 or even a real tablet.