Thursday, March 29, 2012


Gawd, I really wish the iPad Dictation worked as well for this poor Dane as it does for this guy. I could really use it, and it seems a cruel twist of fate that an accent so slight that it hardly ever bothers humans, is a fatal stumbling block for this dumb software!

Up-rez your web content??

There's a lot of talk recently that the high resolution of the iPad 3 has suddenly made all older pictures and videos obsolete and terrible-looking. It's simply not true. I'm a webmaster, and not only that, my business is selling web pictures! And I have looked at my site on the iPad 3, and it still looks just as good as it always did.
Sure, there *is* a noticeable difference in some aspects, but it's not a difference which leaps out and slaps you in the face. And to me that difference is much more important with text than with images, and with text, the upgrade is automatic, since most text on the web is not bitmapped, but scalable.
(Besides, I don't think there are protocols in place which will prevent images from being way too large for ordinary screens, if we quadruple the area-measurements of them just for the sake of the iPad 3.)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Post-PC, we need bigger tablets

There does not seem to be much call for larger tablets. Sure, they will be less portable and holdable, but many people already use the iPad on a stand in just one place. And I think they are needed for graphically rich books of all kinds.

Furthermore, it occurs to me that if tablet are seriously going to replace most of the laptops for production uses, then... well, we need a bigger one. A ten-inch touch-screen is of course better to work on than a seven-inch one, but let's get real, for serious work you need something bigger. In fact, if some production uses become *actually* better to do on a tablet than on a mouse/keyboard device, then the biggest desirable size becomes anybody's guess. A 30-inch screen may be a bit hard to swing your hand around on, but probably a 21-inch one wouldn't be too much for, say, video editing.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Omniverse iPad case

I'm amazed that this quality iPad case is only $40.

I prolly won't get one for myself, though. Because when I want to bring my iPad, I probably also want to bring a small umbrella (this is UK after all), a compact camera, a such small practical items. And I put my iPad in my aCase (even more amazingly cheap) which also functions as a stand.