Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Zooey Deschanel iPhone 4S/Siri

Hmm, perhaps I should hire Zooey to speak to my Siri for me, so it understands.
And to dance with me.
Soup's on me.

What's a book?

I think the confusion will continue for a while: what is a book? Is it a bound block of paper pages? Or is it the collected ideas contained in the words on those pages?

Here is Rallo Tubbs from The Cleveland Show, taking an oath on "an Amazon Kindle with the Bible loaded on it"...

Even me, a non-Christian, part of me screams: "it's not the same! Heresy!", while another part screams: "it's exactly the same, dummy, the bible is the bible, whether inscribed on paper, on stone tablets, on papyrus, recited orally, or read on an electronic device".

(By the way, do they make non-Christians lay their hand on a bible in US courts?)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Why ebook DRM will die

Why ebook DRM will die, and why this will make no difference to Amazon and Apple, article.

In fact, DRM is probably the most ineffective way of combating piracy there is.
Instead, DRM exists primarily as a way to control how consumers access purchased content. A side effect of this is that DRM can be used to lock people into a particular platform or service.

"Harmonious" art app

Harmonious is a wonderful drawing app, which I hope will get further development.
The cool thing is that the app helps to develop lines and fill out spaces.
Thanks to Umbra, he reminded me of the original web app Harmony, try it, it's fun.
And Harmious as a web app. (In both, just start drawing in the big white space.)

Here are two drawings Umbra made with it:

And one I made (a little aided in Photoshop):

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Umbra on Procreate

Our friend, Italian artist Umbra, has tried out iPad app Procreate (see last post).
He says: "...done with no reference using a nomadbrush in about 45 minutes. I could get the hang of it but i do not see myself doing anything bigger than a portrait ... Not enough screen space or resolution for that."
(He's using an iPad 2. iPad three would have double the resolution* of images, but of course not a bigger screen.)

*I am told "double" is correct, even though area-wise it is 4x. Linearly it is double.