Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Amazon Announces New Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon Announces New Kindle Paperwhite, TidBITS article.
First, the obvious upgrades. The new Paperwhite retains the 6-inch screen of the previous model but features a new display technology with higher contrast. Additionally, the processor is 25 percent faster for peppier book opening and page turning, and the touch grid is 19 percent tighter, for better response to touches. Also, the built-in light has been improved to reduce eyestrain.

There are also some new software things, some are good. I haven't heard if they will arrive on the first KPW.

I've already ordered this (same price as before), but only because I'm a fanatic. Otherwise I'd wait for the reviews. Because, listen, things like "higher contrast" we have heard before, and I have never been able to tell the difference!
But if the light really is more even and the contrast and sharpness noticable better, it will certainly be worth for people who use the KPW a lot.

I like the feature where you can browse the book in a window so you don't loose your place. It's been one of the weaknesses of Kindle and other ereaders that loosing one's place is way too easy.