Friday, February 28, 2014

Phone, Meet Tablet. That’s Phabulous

Apple's feet-dragging tactics is becoming more laughable by the month.
Apple's CEO claims they are waiting because they want to make sure that the technology is up to supporting a phone with a larger screen. Well, does the iPad work well? I think you have your answer.

But even phones that aren’t strictly phablets are getting bigger. Samsung announced its Galaxy S5 this week in Barcelona, and its screen measures in at 5.1 inches. LG has been successful with the 4.7-inch LG G2; 4.6-inch displays are almost the new minimum. When Samsung introduced a Galaxy S4 Mini, its screen was 4.3 inches — 0.3 inches larger than the iPhone. (My emphasis.)
[...] I’m happiest when I’m using the Note 3 just as I’d use a tablet: playing games, browsing the web, checking Facebook, watching video, reading books and magazines, and sending email. But what makes the phone better than the tablet is one-stop shopping for all my communications. I can also text, Instagram and even make a call, without switching devices.