Saturday, December 25, 2010

V-luxe, iPad "TV set"

I think this is a great example of the cool creativity one product can inspire for others.

When her campaign was young, I donated $50, and last week I got the iPad cover. I really like it, it's very rough and textured wool. (Recycled French army blankets.)

She tells me that along with the iPhone cover and purses, it'll be for sale soon on her site.

I might not get the V-luxe itself, it doesn't really fit in my more square and modern furniture style. A pity, for I think it's very cute and kewl.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Dodocase for Kindle 3

One of the big iPad-related success stories of 2010 has been the Dodocase, a hand-made custom case for iPad.

Now they are making one for the Kindle 3 too. I confess I find it very charming. Almost makes me wish I was using the Kindle more, so I could justify buying it. (Durn the grey screen.)

Anyway, it will be very exciting to see where ereaders and tablets go in 2011.

  • What will the iPad 2 be like? 
  • Will there be other sizes of iPads? 
  • What will the Kindle 4 be like? Will it have color? Or at least a high-contrast screen? Will it finally have a touch screen?
  • What kinds of Android tablets will come out? Will some of them be mature and cool products? 
  • Will there be other tablets in high quality on other platforms too? 
  • Will producers handle the issue of accidentally-triggered buttons which haunt every device so far? (I think it could be done simply with buttons which require a real press instead of the merest touch, and not too big buttons either.)
  • Will anybody make readers and tablets which have a really good gripping area of a decent size and non-slip surface? 

Tap magazine

There is a new magazine about iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), called Tap.
I've just subscribed to it (you can find it in newstands in UK, or for the iOS devices here on Zinio), and it look really promising. It is clear that their intention is to do a good, professional job, not just a mercenary one, and that they will cover many serious apps, not just games. And they feature interviews and other in-depth content.

I am interested, because like the mag's editors and like I've said more than once, I believe that tablets and the iOS devices are not only a lot of fun, they also have many important and serious uses, and are in fact exemplary of the rise of perhaps the most important popular platform since the Personal Computer.

Heck, even considered just as e-readers they are important, and they can do a thousand more things than that.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

iPad II rumor

iPad II rumor.
It sounds realistic. And it would be cool if it really comes already next month, although that's less realistic, they can sell millions Mark 1's before spring, which would be the normal upgrade schedule for Apple, a year.
I hope it's thinner and lighter.

But three millimeters smaller? I know a few case makers who will be p'd off about that one. :-)
Hmm, or maybe they'll be happy that all the upgraders will have to buy a new case?