Monday, February 26, 2018

Big five

I really don’t understand why the “Big Five” publishers fight so vehemently against e-books. Every company in the past which has resisted new technology has lost the fight eventually. And their profit on ebooks is potentially at least as good as with paper, since reproduction and production costs are nigh zero.
Don’t they understand that they are not in the paper market, but in the story market?  It must just be lizard-brain resistance to change.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

In an infamous interview, Hachette CEO Arnoud Nourry called the ebook a “stupid product” because it’s “exactly the same as print, except it’s electronic. There is no creativity, no enhancement, no real digital experience.”

 No enhancement? What an incredibly dim statement. Even if a thousand books in a pocket was all, that’s a colossal enhancement. Add to that changeable type size, that is invaluable to so many readers. Then instant dictionary, etc etc.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Selling paper?

“I’m not in the business of selling paper, I’m in the business of selling stories.” 

- Meg Gardiner, author

 Fantastic. That’s the clearest and most succinct statement on the issue I have heard.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Apple ebooks

Apple is suddenly - nine years after they got into the ebook market with the iPad - trying to up their game, finally, and make the iBooks store (the app will be renamed “Books” apparently) count in the market. They have hired a prominent executive away from Amazon. I think this may be good news for readers, no matter how it goes for Apple.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Claims that ebooks are failing...

Some articles are so sneaky. This article starts by claiming loudly that ebook sales are down significantly (17%) and talks about at length how everybody now are into paperbooks. (Not reading actually, mainly the books as artefacts*.)

 ... And then near the end (after many have stopped reading) comes this information:
 “The figures from the Publishing Association should be treated with some caution. They exclude self-published books, a sizable market for ebooks. And, according to Dan Franklin, a digital publishing specialist, more than 50% of genre sales are on ebook. Digital book sales overall are up 6%.” 

There is a whole lot of difference between between 17% down and 6% up!
 And how it is justified to exclude self-published books from statistics when considering the book market is puzzling to me. That can only be explained by the traditional publishers not wanting to even look at self-publishing because it is so successful in ebooks, and it’s a frightening competitor.

* I love books as artefacts, I have many beautiful ones. But it has little to do with the content, which after all is the point of books. Books expand the mind, but only if you open them.