Friday, November 13, 2015

Finally: the iPad Pro

(Photo: MacRumors.)

Like with the large iPhone, the other thing I waited impatiently for, for over two years, was the iPad Pro. Now I have one, and it does not disappoint.

I always loved my iPad, but used it less than my computer. But the beloved pancake device became more essential after I stopped doing processor- and screen-size demanding work every day. Now I use it far more than my Mac Pro.

And talking about Pro, I've had iPad Pro since yesterday, and it really put the frosting on the cake and the coronet on the princess. With a floor stand (, and sometimes an external keyboard, the normal iPad was not far from perfection, but for some applications I wished for a bigger one. Like using complex web sites with small text and long lines (Amazon and Wikipedia), Watching movies with beautiful visuals, and reading books with a lot of graphics or art.

When I got it, it was less "wow, that's huge", but more "yes, this is exactly what it should be".
(Also in that size and without any fingerprints yet, you could really appreciate what a beautiful piece of minimalist design this is.)
And I still have the (too expensive) Pencil to come for making my own art. Even without the essential pressure-sensitivity, making art on a tablet beats doing it on paper, for my money.

I am absolutely sure that a great number of enthusiasts and professional users will LOVE the iPad Pro. I don't think we really understand why yet, but it is a very different experience from using a small laptop, and a very different experience from using a phone, even a "phablet". If manking really has a core of sanity like we hope for, I can believe, like Phil Schiller said, that this is the future of computing.