Saturday, January 4, 2014

Self-publishers will rule

The Day the World Turns Upside Down, article.
 I’m saying that major publishers will do things to make their books look indie [self-published] in order to appeal to readers who enjoy discovering new and underground works, who like supporting artists directly, who enjoy being part of a movement and a new cultural trend. ... It’s happening. I know people who read almost nothing but indie books.

"Flote" table tablet stand review

I've long been happy with my Flote floor stand, it has made my bedroom and adjustable bed (with memory foam mattress) into the most comfortable reading/browsing/video station I could make.

And now they have also made a desktop model, in the same aesthetic quality. Of course the two products have much in common, so to save wear on my DasKeyboard, go read my review of the big one first. Then come back here.

The two bulges on the left are SoundJaw,
which direct the sound to the front.

There really is not much to add. The Flote Desktop does what the Flote Floor Stand does, except it is smaller and stands on a desk!
Of course in the nature of things, it does not have the super-reach that the floor stand has, but also it is smaller and lighter, and so easier to take to the summer home or whatnot.

Say I see something on the TV that I'm curious about (like: "how does the eye work" or "what did Paris Hilton do that made her famous?"), and I just reach out and swing the tablet in, and look it up.
By the way, if you need to temporarily minimize its footprint, you just swing the arm straight up, and it takes up no more space than a vase.

The design is smart, and like the big one, this looks great, it's hard to imagine a room or office where you would not want to bring this in.

A good stand makes a tablet a lot easier to use, and I don't know of any stand better than this.

As you can see, the floor model really is much larger.

[Photos by Stobblehouse]