Thursday, May 5, 2011

The End of Content Ownership

The End of Content Ownership, article.
A couple of weeks ago I dragged some of my favorite super-large hardcover books out of the attic and placed them on a shelf in my living room. I may read them again, but it's more likely they'll live out their golden years as decorative objects. Interestingly, I think most of my old VHS, CDs, and even DVDs and Blu-rays may soon be joining these books as objects d'art instead of useful content objects. [...]
For the majority of consumers, however, they will come to fully trust the cloud and believe in subscription pricing for everything. [...]
At home, our bookshelves will contain artifacts of a bygone content-ownership era. We'll touch those books, Blu-rays and CDs, but only to dust them.

I think it's happening. I no longer have to buy new bookshelves all the time. And the books on them are very slowly, but inexorably in most cases, losing interest for me. One day I'll realize that since I don't read anything on paper anymore, that and that room would look much nicer and orderly without the clashingly-colored rows of books everywhere...

Slow process though, there's a lot of old sentiment to chew through.

More on Apple stock

I honestly thought Apple stock must surely be overvalued, but listen to this guy. He's got some good points, like their cash surplus, how many companies sport big cash mountains?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nook Color’s New Software: It’s the Netbook of Tablets

Nook Color’s New Software: It’s the Netbook of Tablets, article/review of Nook Color.

Is the Nook Color worthy, considered as a tablet, not just an ereader? This article says it's not bad for the price.

Stephen said:
Had one since the day it was rooted, it's a full bore tablet and arguably one of the best. The processor is of sufficient speed, the screen is excellent, it runs anything I throw at it. It runs Honeycomb just fine. It has excellent battery life. Very clean design. What's not to love?
And all this for $250, $200 on sale! A fraction of the cost of the iPad.
Despite all the Steve Jobs FUD 7" is an excellent form factor, which is arguably the best trade-off between screen size and portability.
I always carry my nook color with me and use it constantly. At work it has saved my neck by holding all my critical O'Reilly tech books.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Apple iMac hands-on, with dual 30-inch displays

Apple iMac hands-on, with dual 30-inch displays, article/video.

A 27-inch iMac, with *two* extra monitors at 30 inches each!
That's ridiculous. Just a few years ago when I got the first Apple 30-inch monitor for my tower Mac, I had to get a graphics card for it which was the size of a video cassette! Took up two expansion slots too. And now my 11-inch MacBook Air can run such a display!