Wednesday, September 14, 2016

IPhone seven reviews

If you need help, and we all do, in deciding whether to upgrade to the iPhone Seven, here is a deep, slightly technical review from the Verge, and here is a simple, direct review from David Pogue.

Monday, September 12, 2016

iPad upgrades?

Apple has just doubled the memory of various iPad models, while keeping the prices the same.
This is of course in itself good news, because I use my iPad a lot for video, so unlike my iPhone, I'm always having to delete stuff on my iPad to make space for new ones.

But on the other hand it may be bad news, because when the do this is September, it looks like a signal that for the first time we are not getting any new iPad models this year!
This makes me a little sad, not because I really need a new one, but because I love the iPad beyond all reason. 

It also makes me a little sad that the iPad is being ignored a bit. Sales are flat, and so many important apps (take Amazon Prime NOW for example) only come in iPhone format, not optimised for the iPad. There is no reason it should not come in iPad format, the bigger screen would make it a lot more user-friendly, just as with most apps.

I really hope this is just a lull, because while the tablet may not soon replace the computer, I still think it's a fantastic device, to me it's just the most useful and flexible computing platform in existence. I have a 13-inch iPad Pro, and it's amazing.