Monday, October 25, 2010

Lendable ebooks on Kindle

"Select" Kindle ebooks will become lendable soon, though with many restrictions. I think the dumb one is the 14 days limit. You rarely have such hard limits when borrowing a paper book from a friend. It also seems each book can only be lend out once.


TC [Girl] said...

libraries put a 2-week stip on digital loans, now, in the U.S.

eolake said...

Do they? Aren't paperbooks a month, like in DK?

TC [Girl] said...

Sorry...forgot to get back to you on this one. Paper books are usually 2-week, as well, but...they can also, usually, be renewed 2 more times - I believe 2 weeks at a time, each, again - IF there isn't a hold on the item, already.