Thursday, November 11, 2010

Color epaper is coming

Color Comes to E Ink Screens, NYT article.
[Note: I think NYT is one of the places it's worth it to sign up (free), they have many good articles. (One can make an extra "throw-away" email address just for such things.)]

Can't wait to see it in the wild. How's the contrast? How's the speed?

"However, the new color E Ink display, while an important technological breakthrough, is not as sharp and colorful as LCD. Unlike an LCD screen, the colors are muted, as if one were looking at a faded color photograph. In addition, E Ink cannot handle full-motion video. At best, it can show simple animations."

If the colors are muted, I guess the contrast is not much better either. And so far they're pretty expensive, couple hundred bucks over a cheap LCD.

Oooh, bad news about the contrast:
"To create the color image, E Ink uses its standard black-and-white display overlaid with a color filter. As a result, battery life is the same as its black-and-white cousins, measured in weeks rather than hours, as with the iPad. The color model from Hanvon can be easily read in bright light, although the color filter does reduce the brightness."

No good. I thought they would start to use little colored balls instead of little b/w balls. A filter on top of the already dull b/w epaper screen, I don't care for.


TC [Girl] said...

It's like: why do they even bother making the CRAP, then?! I just don't get it! Is this just "job security" at it's WORST?! STUPID! :-(

My "favorite:" "In addition, E Ink cannot handle full-motion video. At best, it can show simple animations."

GOODY! (eyes rolling!) will be GREAT for little kids who know no better; the elderly, whose eye sight is on its way "out;" and, perhaps someone who is near blind, already, and can't see very well, anyway. Just trying to, um, visualize their market! :-/

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Yeah. I can't see it be a hit.

But then admittedly I couldn't see the first gen epaper be a hit either.
Funny thing, cuz I really like grey! :-)

TC [Girl] said...

Eolake said...
"Funny thing, cuz I really like grey! :-) "

Grey seems like it would be more "calming" to read off of, instead of white. I just think it would be nice to be able to have color pics. Why couldn't they do a grey background w/color pics? Color a layer above the grey? (I don't know how they make these things! Perhaps it is more difficult than I have any idea about but...they make computer screens that seem to be able to do it so...I don't get what the issue is.)