Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kindle app for Android

Through Kindle Chronicles I just found out that the newest version of the Kindle app for Android has a search feature where you just speak the term you want. Pretty cool, I like how fast this technology is growing in usefulness. (Maybe I'll get the galaxy tab anyway despite the shameless price.)


TC [Girl] said...

Yup! Google's Voice Search is pretty cool! I think you would really like it! :-)

eolake said...

Yes, that bit I have on the iPhone and pad. Very practical. It can get it horribly wrong, but if it's something people often search for, it usually get it right.

TC [Girl] said...

So you found Google's for both of your i's?! Cool! Yes! I find it very practical...especially when I have to answer a "pesky" text! ;-) Sometimes, there can be some FUNNY (doesn't take much to get a chuckle outta me, anymore! :-) interpretations but I find if I just slow down and speak just a tad more clearly, it "gets" it, that time! It's far handier than trying to "thumb-peck" on that durn TINY keyboard! HATE that! :-/