Friday, December 24, 2010

Dodocase for Kindle 3

One of the big iPad-related success stories of 2010 has been the Dodocase, a hand-made custom case for iPad.

Now they are making one for the Kindle 3 too. I confess I find it very charming. Almost makes me wish I was using the Kindle more, so I could justify buying it. (Durn the grey screen.)

Anyway, it will be very exciting to see where ereaders and tablets go in 2011.

  • What will the iPad 2 be like? 
  • Will there be other sizes of iPads? 
  • What will the Kindle 4 be like? Will it have color? Or at least a high-contrast screen? Will it finally have a touch screen?
  • What kinds of Android tablets will come out? Will some of them be mature and cool products? 
  • Will there be other tablets in high quality on other platforms too? 
  • Will producers handle the issue of accidentally-triggered buttons which haunt every device so far? (I think it could be done simply with buttons which require a real press instead of the merest touch, and not too big buttons either.)
  • Will anybody make readers and tablets which have a really good gripping area of a decent size and non-slip surface? 

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