Sunday, February 27, 2011

David Pogue on the Xoom


TC [Girl] said...

FUNNY Dude! Yes and...don't forget Acer (among TONS of others!)!! :-D Quite surprising how closely the Xoom pages resemble the 'Pad' particularly the e-mail programs! Wow!

And...$800 for only 5 screens instead of the whopping 11 that 'Pad' has?! What a RIP! lol!

"I kid because I love." LOL! I totally "get" you, David! :-D

Stephen A said...

Humor done by fanatics is seldom funny.
Although this is what happens when companies buy into the Apple trap of believing the iPad is the platonic ideal and try to make "iPod killers".

Apple's primary weapon is "perfection" the iPad (as was the case of the iPod) is "perfect", as a result any attempt to make an "iPad killer" is rejected out of as an "iPad knockoff". On the other hand any innovation, (different screen size/aspect ratio, price point, multitasking, standard ports, cameras etc.) is rejected as a unnecessary and unwanted variation on the "perfect" iPad (until it is "invented" in the next gen iPad). This is further compounded by the commission effect, in which pushing a high priced item has benefits (commission, swag, etc.) over a low cost commodity (really! if it is that cheap it can't be any good). Finally if the iPad is "perfect" if you find it flawed it is obviously due to your stupidity/bad taste.

This is very bad in that it nearly freezes out innovation and forces a "one size fits all mentality". This is especially pernicious when coupled with Apples policy of total control over software and content:

Actually, just like watches and cars tablets have a variety of viable price points and configurations. The $35-75 tablets under development have tremendous potential to transform education and general literacy. 7" tablets like my rooted nook color are far lighter and easier to carry than the incredibly heavy iPad. My dirt cheap all plastic 10" Telepad (~$185) is light as a feather, plays any video format you can throw at it without skipping a frame, and like most Android products allows drag and drop wireless sync. The tradeoff is shitty battery life and a (surprisingly nice) resistive touchpad. Given my application (bedside reader) this isn't a problem.

The important lesson is ironically "Think Different".