Friday, March 25, 2011

iPad 2 in UK

Today 25 March 2011 at 1am, Apple Store UK started taking orders for the iPad 2. I ordered a wifi 64GB model, black. I have a mifi device for when I need to be online outside of any hotspots.

I forewent the "smart cover", because I don't think it protects much of anything, and is not the greatest stand either (only has one angle and is not very stable), not to mention over-priced. It's a good looking neat gimmick, is about all. (Still, sixty pounds sterling for a leather one, that's too much.)

I think I can use one of my old stands/cases. Otherwise the market will soon overflow with new cases for the iPad 2, many of them surely taking advantage of the magnets built-in for the smart-cover.

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TC [Girl] said...

Congrats! Looking forward to hearing more about it, when you get it. :-)