Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Keep It Simple, Sweetheart

In Search of New Web Site Tools to Replace iWeb, Part I, article.

I love Apple's products, but sometimes the company can be cold bastards. They are discontinuing the iWeb service without so much as an apology to people who may have put hundreds of hours into it.

And replacing it is not easy:
Apple has done some proprietary things inside iWeb, and decoding that process has so far proved intractable. As a result, if one is going to select a new, modern web site builder app to replace iWeb, it’ll be necessary to rebuild the site from scratch.

This is why I am a fan of KISS, Keep It Simple, Sweetheart. (OK, I changed it a little, the original seemed potentially insulting...) It is very typical that a fancy app which makes fancy results and does it easily, will do so in a complex and proprietary way, making it difficult to make it work with other tools. Something which you may need to update and change, should be made simple and transparent, with standard tools.

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