Saturday, June 18, 2011

Marco Arment & Instapaper’s Reading List

Marco Arment & Instapaper’s Reading List, article.
I would love to read on the train with this thing — I had a train commute every day — but the screen was really small, it wasn’t that fast at downloading things, and on a train commute you sometimes go under ground and don’t always have good reception. So what I needed was really something I could toss links into during the day, sort of a temporary link bucket, so I’d have stuff in there for the ride home.

His solution was Instapaper, which I along with many other enthusiastic readers absolutely swear by. Hit a bookmark in your web browser, and the article you're looking at is saved to a server, is formatted for much easier reading, and if you download it on your iPad or iPhone, for which there are apps, you can read all the saved articles offline too. A huge amount of my article-reading is done with the Instapaper app on my iPad, because it's so much more comfortable than reading long pieces sitting at my workstation.
I think there's a free version of the app (... nope, not any longer it seems), but even if the full version cost $20 instead of $5, I'd pay it happily.

He doesn't make Android apps, but others are contributing them, and at least one is not bad.

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Stephen A said...

My solution is dotEPub coupled with PCFileSync

It's a simple bookmarklet that applies the readability script to the webpage being viewed converts to ePub and downloads it to your computer. Dumping to the designated shared folder lets PCFileSync sync it to my tablets.

The upshot is that I can clip webpages to my tablets. I have control of the tablet to route to and I can use my favorite reader.