Saturday, June 25, 2011


"Screenplay" seems like a good solution for mobile working with new or imported screenplays. It even has that feature where it guesses what is the next style you need. And it's less than 1/30th of the price of the market leader Final Draft!
It's too bad though that they so far only has it in iPhone version. It's screaming for an iPad version.
There's a video and a PDF manual (with screenshots) on this page. The video in particular shows it to be surprisingly full-featured for an iPhone app. (Granted, my experience with screenplays is very limited.)

Update: My goodness, it does exist for iPad! How strange that their site does not hint at this. This version is a bit more, ten bucks, but that's still 1/17 of the price of Final Draft, so I'll say that even if it turns out to have crippling shortcomings, that's a very economical way of entering the screenwriter market and not have to format everything manually (screenplays have very specific formatting).

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