Monday, July 11, 2011

"Not impressed by the concept"

I have an old friend, a businessman, who is successful enough and just curious enough that of course he has an iPad. But, like I half suspected: he is not all that impressed with it, or with the whole tablet concept.
To me it seemed funny at first: who can't love an iPad? It's like not liking ice cream or sunsets or kittens.
But it makes sense, I think. You'll notice that even when working on an iPad, you do it in a more relaxed way than when on a computer. Often leaned back. But my friend is not the type who does that, he is not a "leaned back" type of person. When he works, he works! And he needs a full, professional machine for it. And when he doesn't work, he's sky-diving or scuba-diving, or zipping around Europe on a 1100cc motorbike (despite being a head smaller than me). He is not idling in a bean chair idly browsing web sites or playing games.

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