Thursday, August 11, 2011

An iPad success story

An iPad success story, article.
I brought my 3G-equipped iPad, searched for home-design apps, found a few decent-looking ones, bought Home 3D, figured out how to use it, and started recreating my mother’s new floor plan. All from the car, in the middle of nowhere in upstate New York.

I've long been amazed at so many apps which are great on the iPad and which could have been made for desktop/laptop systems, but never were! And probably never will be. This is a very interesting phenomenon, it shows us that if we think of a tablet as just a laptop handicapped by no keyboard, we have enormously limited understanding of it. But the fact that it is taking everybody this much time to start getting used to understanding the power of the tablet, particularly the iPad, shows us that the issue is quite complex. I think that ten years from now, we will still be surprised by the power and the uses of tablets. Maybe even twenty.

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