Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Samsung Invokes Kubrick Defense in Apple Tablet Fight

Samsung Invokes Kubrick Defense in Apple Tablet Fight, article.

I think that's reaching a bit. I think the more logical defence for Samsung is that the overall form of the iPad is simply the logical way for a tablet to look. What is anybody going to do, make it triangular?


TC [Girl] said...

Pretty funny, silly, and petty of Apple, methinks, 'cuz...I have seen others that look quite similar to the Pad, as well; do we know that Apple didn't get the idea from same?! Of COURSE people are going to recognize that there are differences between the two would seem that there are going to be people who are loyal Apple fans and...there are those who are not; so...why not offer something that is *similar* for those who are not Apple fans?! (What?! Apple's going to go out and sue the pants off of all the knock-off's?! I do know that they have money up the kazoo this necessary? Really?!)

eolake said...

Yeah, can't say I disagree too much. It doesn't feel very classy.
But then it's not very classy to just try to sponge off others' inventions, trying to get as close as you can without being sued.

So I've decided I just can't judge it, it'll sort itself out.

Steffen Larsen said...

I remember watching a quite old SF movie many years ago, and thinking: "Why are the spaceship screens VERTICAL, and not horizontal as your ordinary TV screen". Or eyes eyes are d--d well beside each other, aren't they? We are used to screens being wide, and becoming wider along with highdef and flatscreen. Also computer screens have nearly always had the horizontal layout, laptops no different. Except perhaps the very earliest beginnings of CRT when computers were measured in the number of rooms they occupied and not megabytes.
But with the smartphones, and in particular the iPhone, and the touch, and the iPad, and the e-book readers we have now become accustomed to another and upright format ...not a triangle, but still :-)
The old SF movies got it right again in their forecasts.

eolake said...


I'm guessing, apart from too-wide line width being bad for readability, it's for ease of holding. If you hold a device with one hand and it's wide, it's side-heavy.

Actually one of the brand new RIM phones has a landscape-format screen. But unfortunately it's because it's half-size to make room for a physical keyboard.

Steffen Larsen said...

Ah yes, the hands-on experience. I hadn't thought of the iPad as being side-heavy. Thanks.
I have bravely been waiting for a retina iPad to arrive. I can read books on the Retina touch - it CAN be done! I have quite a library by now - not so well on the older touch ...and I vowed not to get another thingy before I was quite certain I was happy with it for reading.

eolake said...

I'm really looking forward to see how the reading experience will be on a high-rez iPad. the Retina display on the iPhone/iPod Touch is really amazing. Like I've said, it's as good to read on the iPhone 4's 3.5 inch display (high res) as it is on the Dell Streak's 5-inch display (normal res). So by anecdotal evidence, double rez ads at least 50 reading ease, maybe more.