Saturday, November 26, 2011

Reading and Time, Artists And Illustrators

I thought to check if Artists And Illustrators would happen to be available via Zinio on my iPad. It was. And I was already subscribing and had two issues waiting, I’d forgotten! 
This illustrates (pun not intended) how many different things I’m reading, or trying to, these days. I think my Zinio subs would keep me in reading alone, and then there is news and articles from the web, various ebooks fiction and non-fiction, comics, audiobooks and so on. It's an embarrassment of riches. 

I remember about 20 years I told a friend: I wish I had the money to buy all the books I'd like. He said: but how'd you get the time to read it? I said: time is your problem, not mine*.
So years later I became successful enough to buy any book I wanted. And I admit it is indeed nice.
And time? ... I don't know, would we really accomplish more with 30 hours in a day? Or are there other factors at play, like what we really want to do, and what we can face doing?

*He was always complaining about not enough time, for example to make his music. Once I pointed out that maybe he was fooling himself, because when he'd gotten a grant and taken two months off in Paris to work on his music, all he got done was revisions of a couple of lyrics. He couldn't refuse that point, so he laughed and said: "well, at least it's only myself I'm trying to fool." I let him have that, no reason to kick a man when  he's down, it was a very brave admission.     :-)


Stephen A said...

Quite, I'm travelling home for the holidays and carrying my 16GB ASUS Transformer with a 32GB microSD in the tablet and a 32GB SD in the keyboard module for a total of 80GB. I never run out of books, manga, or movies.
I have 500 books, a hundred manga and comics and a dozen movies at my fingertips and 16 hrs battery life. I look forward to travel delays now!
Even if I were to run out, I have Netflix, Feedbooks and Comixology the moment I run out.
I was astounded with how little I had to pack mediawise as well. The Transformer is both my laptop and tablet while I keep a rooted Nook touch as a fallback reader (gotta love a 2 month battery life)

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

It's amazing to think that before 1995 I might actually *run out* of reading material!

The Transformer looks interesting, it caught my attention early.

I understand it's Android, and doesn't run Windows, yes? What tasks do you use it for?