Monday, November 14, 2011

Got my Galaxy Note

Just got my Samsung Galaxy Note (N7000) today. First impressions: wow, this may be the most impressive "BigPhone" yet. (Let's see if that term catches on.) Apple really needs to make a larger iPhone or Touch, stat. This screen blows the iPhone 4(S) away. It is almost the same sharpness (pixel size etc) and color quality, but it's twice the size, area-wise, and that puts it into another ballpark when we talk enjoying reading and video on the go.

On the downside so far I notice that it does not always have the "instant app change" that iOS has, if I leave the Zinio app (which Samsung use for magazines in their "Reader's Hub"), it has to start up again when I come back to it, this is unfortunate. Also I have so far a bit of trouble with it losing Net connection, on both my wifi networks, let's see how that plays out, it really should not be common.

(iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy Note, both displaying American Photo on Zinio.) 
(Note, in the Zinio app you can zoom in to your heart's content, I think it works pretty well even on a 5.3-inch screen. I won't hesitate to read on it when I don't have my iPad around.)

I'd say that apart from the price, this is currently the portable ereader to have, unless eyesight is an issue, or one prefers a non-backlit screen (I don't care for the Kindle's passive, grey screen, but some do). The Note weighs only 180 grams and is very thin. And it is easily held in one hand from behind, you don't have to try and find space for the finger on the bezel as with a 7-inch or 10-inch device.

On another note, the Kindle Fire started shipping today, so we should get early reviews soon. I'm starting to lean a little towards thinking that it may be the 7-inch tablet/reader which is the "tweener" though, and five inches right for pockets, and ten inches or larger right for stands and bookholders. 


TC [Girl] said...

I am so trying NOT to be envious of you, right now! That is PERFECT for "on-the-go" connection! YES! I was packing up my stuff for an overnight, a couple of days ago, I was saying how I can remember a time when I was SO HAPPY for my "light" laptop, in place of my..."heavier" laptop...right after the desktop experience, of course! Now, I'm grumbling re: having to lug around a laptop, fer cryin' out loud! :-/

Hope you discover what the WIFI weak strength issue is all about. Sure hope they didn't go on the cheap in a receiver(?)! :-( Will look forward to [your presumed :-) ] further updates. :-D

LOL: captcha: "yamsjoys" Exactly...I'd be feeling it there, too! lol! :-P

Bruce said...

Thanks for the first impressions Eolake. Here in the US Samsung has a 5" WiFi only Android media player that looks interesting. I may recommend that one to a neighbor.

It's hard to guess what sizes will end up being most popular. Portability vs. readability, more expensive cellular vs. cheaper WiFi, and even body size and hand size are all contributing factors.