Friday, November 4, 2011

Wing Stand

As an early supporter of WingStand, I got mine in the mail today (plus an extra set as a gift, which will come in handy as a bedsit stand for my iPhone). It's pretty amazing how this thing beats most stands solutions in compactness and usefulness by several horse-lengths.

I put in the video here because their web site, if one only looks briefly, only pushes the WingStand as a keyboard accessory, leading people potentially to believe it won't be for them if they don't own an Apple Wireless Keyboard. But it is equally useful as a simple stand for almost any phone or tablet (without a case).

Admittedly, laterally it's not the most stable in the world if used without the keyboard, it can be knocked over if, say, the table is bumped hard. But I don't think it's a real problem, and it's a fair tradeoff for the size of it.

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