Monday, February 27, 2012

iPad 3 on March 7

Apple has announced a press event for the next iPad on March 7. (Two days before my birthday, that can't be a coincidence!) I get a feeling from their ad that they feel it's not a minor update. And it looks like the screen may indeed be high-resolution, like we have speculated and hoped for. (Reading on the iPad seems fine, until you compare the screen with the iPhone 4's high-res display, it's a whole 'nuther level.)

My optometrist has been nagging me about getting a new eye test. And if we get a new level of detail on the 'pad, I think I just may go, to make sure I can take maximum advantage of it.

I don't know what else they'll do, maybe some pleasant surprises like at the iPhone 4 event, that was nice.
I'd like a 128GB model, 64GB really doesn't go all that far if you like your films, TV shows, and video blogs. It feels a bit like musical chairs.

TCGirl said:
Perhaps peeps could donate their first and second revs to something like this.
(Orangutans might use iPads.)


TC [Girl] said...

Perhaps peeps could donate their first and second revs to something like this. :-D

Eolake Stobblehouse said...


I might, but I want to see more evidence they can use them first.

TC [Girl] said...

Milwaukee County Zoo has been using one, the last past 8 months or so. Here's a vid of this particular Orangutan, MJ, trying it out.

From what I am reading, in all the articles, about Orangatun Outreach, is that they would, more, like to see if Orangatuns would communicate w/each other, given the chance to interact via Skype or Apple's FaceTime and...they just need iPads at both facilities in order to [hopefully] accomplish that. Part of the research. They are saying that the Orangutans are too powerful to just allow them to actually use one, on their own; one whack and... :-(

TC [Girl] said...

Toronto Zoo is waiting. :-)

(isn't that "family portrait" SO CUTE w/how 'Papa' is holding his "wife" close. Wow! Inspiration for HUMAN men! lol! :-)

(I've "Liked" their Facebook page and shared their "plight." See if that helps to move this project along! :-)

TC [Girl] said...

Oh to be young, again, and be able to volunteer. Have been looking around, on 'Orangatun Outreach's' website and looks like there are more orangatuns to still be rescued. What a mess; poor things! :-(

TC [Girl] said...

Gawd...I would be toast around an ADORABLE little guy like this! :-P

TC [Girl] said...

Another article w/a great vid as well as an radio interview w/CBC (Canada).

TC [Girl] said...

Another article. Sure would be interesting to watch her observe her relatives.