Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fortune 500 Companies Moving to iPad Hits 94%

Fortune 500 Companies Moving to iPad Hits 94%, post.

This is astounding. Not only could Apple never get a solid foothold in interprise with the Macintosh, but I would honestly have suspected that the story would repeat to some degree with tablets, because bureaucrats are still bureaucrats and geeks are still geeks, and the former still believe in uniformity and compatibility (no matter how weak), and the latter still believe in open platforms (no matter how divided), so one would think they would much rather have the multi-company platform Android than the walled garden of Apple's iPad. But no, it seems not!

Also, to be honest, so far as I know, the apps available for serious business use are still not a very strong offering on iPad. You know, networking, editing and collaborating on Office documents, etc. I'd love to hear if I'm wrong and I've missed something. (I don't mean to imply that Android is strong there, it's probably even weaker.)

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Stephen A said...

Most likely a top down executive thing. Macs tended to enter bottom up from creative types. Laptops in much the same matter (executives couldn't type).
On the other hand the iPad is an executive status symbol. Thus they will ram it down IT's throats. But on the other hand I may stay on the rarefied levels because it is a status symbol.