Wednesday, May 16, 2012

iPad and common formats

I'm a huge iPad fan, that's well know. But there are a few issues.
One is: if Apple is going to prance around bragging about how they are inventing the platform which will replace most of the desktop and laptop computers in the world, it is amazingly lame that:
1: Pages on iPad does not use the same file format as Pages on the Mac.
2: The iPad does not support .RTF, one of the most common text formats in the world, and the one used by default by the Mac Apple text processor, TextEdit.

In fact, overall, document exchange between iPad and the existing power platforms is a nightmare, and very limited. If the iPad was being sold as a reader and entertainment center, that would be understandable, but right from the very introduction, Apple made and makes a big deal about the "post-PC world". And for the iPad to build this Brave New Production world without any contact with desktops or laptops and the mountain of existing work is just a crazy idea.

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