Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dictation (updated)

Working with this, I'm noticing how much I really am slurring. Humans can normally understand me, because we have complex mental mechanism anticipating what somebody is likely to say, etc.
It helps to speak slowly and deliberately, and to anticipate and compose each sentence before I say it.
I'm getting a little more optimistic about dication. As the well worn reader will be aware, I've been sad that it works poorly for me, a couple of mistakes in each sentence, thus negating the advantage. This has been for several different applications and on several different machines, even Windows ones. Apparently due to my Danish accent. (It's no fair, it works so well for Mads Mikkelsen.)

But I find now that I (to the contrary of what we're told), speak more deliberately and with slight pauses between words, especially if they are unusual, I can cut it down to about one mistake every other sentence, which is beginning to be useful, especially on the iPad or iPhone, where I dislike typing.

And I get a feeling I can learn to predict where the software may have difficulties (basically anything slightly unusual or worse), and make the pauses and clarity of enunciation more pronounced (no pun intended).

I can see me now, writing my next adult novel in a café, speaking loudly and clearly: "Candy Lace laid back in the hay, spreading her long, supple legs. 'Come here you big stud,' she said..."

OH, and and speaking the punctuation helps too.



TC [Girl] said...

I was just thinking about how I had never heard him speak Danish. Found a cute little clip where he is speaking Danish. God Bless that young woman; he dang-near ran too long w/that silliness and ticked her off! She did an amazing job...despite his being so distracting! And...of course, let's not forget what an awesome pianist he is! :-)

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Right you are.

Thanks, good one.

TC [Girl] said...

You're welcome.