Friday, July 27, 2012

Generic ereader, anybody?

A friend of mine lives in Singapore, so he can't use a Kindle or a Nook. He does use Kobo apps on devices, but he is thinking about getting an e-paper ereader. He would like it to be able to read PDF, and a browser would be good. And he would like one which is not bound to a single store, unlike Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and Sony. At least it should be able to show ePub books with generic protection, from various stores.
Any recommendations?
(Maybe the Kobo device would be the thing, even though I personally couldn't get it to work with Google Books via my Mac and Adobe Digital Editions, that was probably just my machine.)


Stephen A said...

eInk solution
Nook Simple Touch Rooted

Add Aldiko and FBreader, Between the two they can handle just about anything (and are free in the bargain)
I'd add Perfect Viewer to handle comics and manga (also has PDF support)

LCD solution
Ramos W13pro 8" (1024x768) Android ICS tablet rooted with the same combo of apps and Mobo Player (free) for video. (presently $138 at merimobiles)

Any 1024x600 7" A10 ICS tablet is fine as well. Many are available for ~$100 out of China.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Thanks, Stephen!

Frank M. said...

Thanks, routing the Nook Simple Touch is a good choice. I like the idea of Android as the basis, so other apps can be installed. Never mind that it wont work well with games -- then it won't be snatched by younger family members.

I also looked at the Kobo Touch which has received good reviews (

It can read ePub documents even those with generic protection as well as PDF. The only thing is that the internet browser seems to be very rudimentary and so perhaps the
Nook is a better choice.

Anonymous said...

I would recommend a kindle