Thursday, July 5, 2012

Get refund for Kindle books if you "don't like it"?

I didn't know you could do this, but you can: get a refund for a Kindle book if it is poor quality. I've just done it with two books which I bought as an experiment and which were so poor they were bordering on a scam. (Both were maybe 20 pages of amateur output which felt like it was taken at random from some Internet bulletin board. One of them was photos, and they looked like they were taken with a cell phone 10 years ago.)
I just selected the "quality was poor" item on the Refund popup menu (in the Manage Your Kindle area, under Books), and it all happened quickly and smoothly.

One might ask if one can do this if one simple didn't like a book? Well, they don't define "poor quality" for you, so I think you can. Whether it is really ethical to do this, I don't know, I think that's a very big cultural discussion. What if half of the audiences of The Hulk (either one) had demanded their money back because the movie sucked? I think we would need new legislation for it, and it might change our culture a bit. On the one hand, being responsible for the quality of the entertainment you create might be healthy. On the other hand, these are subjective matters, and for instance, many people were very disappointed with Bladerunner, but the movie is now a classic and loved by millions. Who knows but that it might not have been stopped dead in its tracks and be totally forgotten now if anybody could get a refund in cinemas on subjective judgment.

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