Monday, July 30, 2012

The brick store experience

Bruce mentioned:
Logitech makes a less expensive keyboard that clips to the iPad as well. It's called the Ultrathin Keyboard Cover.

Yes, I think I saw that in the PCWorld across the street, one day I was browsing. But they had several different keyboards for iPad, and I just had no way of making an intelligent decision on the spot.

People say that retail stores will be missed because you get personal attention, and the knowledge and experience of the staff.
Well, maybe in sandwich stores, but not in computer stores. The people work there work for little more than minimum wage, and you're lucky if they can tell "Windows" from "Word".
And the stores are more expensive than online, often significantly so.

So apart from the fun of browsing, I really don't see the great advantage to physical stores. It is much easier to sit at home browsing reviews and making an informed decision, than to sit in traffic to got to a store, to get opinions from somebody who is probably basing them on hearsay or personal taste.

The one time I was really happy to have a store near, was when we were trying to save a friend's hard drive, and it turned out PC World miraculously *did* have DiskWarrior (on a Sunday), and we saved it in a last ditch effort (I said "don't touch anything, let's copy your only copies of these essential files to my computer while we have things going", and we went to lunch. We got them copied, and after we disconnected the old drive, it was dead forever after.)

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