Thursday, August 23, 2012

"An Embarrassing, Lazy, Arrogant Money Grab"

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Review: An Embarrassing, Lazy, Arrogant Money Grab, review of the new Samsung Note 10.1.

Reviews of the latest big-news tablet are... decidedly mixed. This guy does not hide his feelings...

The Bad:

  • The build quality. Terrible even by Samsung's low standards. The back is actually squishy, and you can feel it deform while holding it. It's noisy too, the plastic creaks, groans, and grinds when you pick it up. Regular, strong plastic would still be unacceptable when everyone else uses aluminum, but this... this is insulting for a $500 tablet.
  • An ugly two-tone "please don't ever confuse this with an iPad" design. It's not designed to look good, it's only designed to not look like an iPad.
  • A 1280x800 resolution display on a flagship device is not ok. Asus does 1920x1200, and Samsung makes a 9.7 inch, 2048x1536 display for Apple. They seriously cheaped out here.

The saddest thing is, Samsung can do so much better. The Series 9 laptop guys make beautiful, kick-ass products out of aluminum every day.

I agree, I have a Series 9, and it's by far the most beautiful non-Apple Laptop I've seen.

... I should say it's a long and detailed review, and it's not all bad.

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