Monday, August 6, 2012

Where Is Bourne? Not in an Electronic Version

Where Is Bourne? Not in an Electronic Version, article by David Pogue (one of my favorite writers for near twenty years!)

I eventually learned that Robert Ludlum’s estate can’t agree on a royalty rate with its publisher.
Dudes: It’s 2012. You’re among the last big-name holdouts on the face of the earth. You’re worried about the royalty rate? How about worrying about the thousands of dollars a month you’ve been leaving on the table by not offering the books to the public who’s willing to buy it?

Then David, believe it or not... steals the book! (Sort of. Read the short article.)

I realized I've been missing some of David's posts. So I added him to my shortlist (, up to five for free) of blogs which come to my email. It's a balance, you only want the really essential ones to come to your email, otherwise... aaargh!)

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