Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nokia 920

I don't normally cover phones here, but let's face it: as phone screens approach five inches and (for high end models) go above HD resolution (as this one does), they are not bad ereading devices! Many people have been reading on much smaller/worse screens for years. And it seems there is already a Kindle app for Windows Phone 8.

The Nikia 920 looks like a powerful device, it'll be interesting to see reviews when they go on the market. Many "previewers" have kinds words for it already.
(That red color though is a bit bright for my taste. I'm glad to hear there are also white, grey, and black varieties. I could use a red one if it was a deep, darker red.)

It will also be interesting to see if app developers take to Win Phone 8. As it is, even Android is way behind iOS in tablet app developing (less so for phones I guess), and Android is huge. So Nokia/Microsoft may face a chicken/egg problem there, no market so no apps, no apps so no market.

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