Thursday, September 27, 2012

We need pocket readers

Sony makes a pocket ereader, and Kobo makes a pocket ereader. Sadly they are both marginal players. I think both Apple and Amazon are missing a great market by ignoring the 5-inch form factor. Every time I read on my Galaxy Note, a 5.2-inch phone, I note how perfect it is as a reader. And it fits in most pockets. But it's expensive, because it's a fancy phone, not an ereader.

It doesn't seem Apple is interested in the ereader market, or in the 5-inch size. But I hope Amazon will make a 5-inch Kindle of the Paperwhite variety. The front-light and the new high-resolution screen will make a reader of this size highly readable for pure text.


Stephen A said...

like this?
10 euros 5" epaper

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Funny, I was *just* reading about that when I got your comment in.
Highly interesting.