Monday, October 15, 2012

Orée wooden keyboard

I may not get Orée wooden keyboard, because I'm addicted to "clicky" keyboards with alpen switches (like Matias), but otherwise I might have. (I already have a wooden iPhone case.) This is a real nice piece for a boss office or a writer's office.
(It comes in Mac and Windows versions.)
This is the walnut version, they also have a lighter maple version. I always liked darker wood though.

Hmm, maybe I'll get one just for the iPad in my living room. It should look good on my heavy walnut table.


TC [Girl] said...

I think marble might be what I need; the last 2 keyboards have a lot of letters "rubbed" away...from having "long" nails and...oddly, there were even some keys that looked like they "crinkled" under the pressure of same; weirdest thing I had ever seen but...I'm betting something like this would have big grooves missing outta them, were I to try something like that. :-/

The keyboard looks a little odd not being "finished," (some polyurathane or showcase the natural and beautiful wood color.) as well...

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Varnish would wear off. But they say it's oiled, which is usually good and brings out the wood well . My cherry wood book cases for example had an odd pinkish hue when they were raw, but after oiling they got a beautiful dark reddish tone.