Wednesday, November 21, 2012

iPad mini: It’s a Productivity Tool, Too

iPad mini: It’s a Productivity Tool, Too, article.

The expert panel were all leaning towards the iPad mini being perfect for consumption, but less so for creation.
Whilst there is no doubt regarding the consumption capabilities, I did find myself disagreeing with the iPad mini not being suitable for creation. After all, this is now my portable device of choice to handle all my writing and podcasting commitments. Of course, there are some minor obstacles that need to be overcome but with a little planning, these obstacles will cease to be relevant.

We are many people who wonder when and to what degree we can have an iPad, or even a Mini, take over from our laptop. This article has some interesting data. Amongst them, and this has surprisingly been my own experience as well, is that more or less all along the way, if you can do it on a regular iPad, you can also do it on a Mini. The author says that even video editing is basically the same experience.
I don't know how Apple did it, the screen is at most one inch bigger than most tablets of the 7-inch class, yet it feels somehow less cramped.

Especially considering how acidly dismissive Steve Jobs was regarding the usability of smaller tablets, I dare say that the Mini is a great positive surprise for many people.


Bruce said...

I agree, I think the mini could be better for creation on the go, where the larger iPad is better for consumption at home. There are some interesting keyboard/case combinations for the mini coming out, including this one.

TC [Girl] said...

OMGosh, Bruce; you made have found my "dream" case! lol! Of course, it helps to have a mini, but...I guess it never hurts to start planning for it! :-D Thanks for sharing this. WAY COOL!

Bruce said...

You are welcome TC. I don't have a mini either! :-) I do have a big iPad though. Have you seen the brydge case for the big iPad?

I hope Eolake will test out these cases and let us know how great they are! :-)

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Thanks Bruce.
It looks very cool, but I would like to try it. A keyboard the length of the normal iPad is already less than full size, so I wonder if I can touch type on this.

Also... tomorrow I'm getting that durn Amazon keyboard we talked about last week. I swear, if I acquire more keyboards, I'll have to get a special room for them!
I'm not kidding, I even gave several away to charity last year.

the Brydge is very sexy for a fridge-toaster, I'd like to have it. But: I think they will be much hurt by the arrival of the Mini. I think all those who get it, will take that one out instead of the full iPad.
Maybe they'll make a Mini-Brydge.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

It's sexy, but from the video, it does not look like one really can touch-type, and if so it's barely more useful than the screen keyboard.

I guess I'll keep one of the compact keyboards I have, and just bring the iPad Mini and Apple's folding screen cover to stand it up.

Bruce said...

I think you are right, Eolake, the keyboard for the mini would probably be too small to be much use.

I am attracted to it because I always wanted one of those little handheld PCs from the late 1990's, and a mini with keyboard would come close to the same size.

If somebody gave me one of these today I think I would enjoy using it - for about three days!

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

You're right, those were cool. And they could be so much better today.

I actually bought a used Psion Netbook a few years back, very cool little machine. I still have it and I guess it still works, if the battery does.

One of my favorite keyboards is in the Alphasmart Neo. It's bigger than an iPad, but the typing experience is perfect. Many writers love those things. Somebody should really make a real writers' portable. (The Neo has a serious downside in the weak, unlit LED screen.)