Sunday, April 15, 2012

Umbra on Procreate

Our friend, Italian artist Umbra, has tried out iPad app Procreate (see last post).
He says: "...done with no reference using a nomadbrush in about 45 minutes. I could get the hang of it but i do not see myself doing anything bigger than a portrait ... Not enough screen space or resolution for that."
(He's using an iPad 2. iPad three would have double the resolution* of images, but of course not a bigger screen.)

*I am told "double" is correct, even though area-wise it is 4x. Linearly it is double. 


TC [Girl] said...

Magnifico, Umbra! Bravo! :-D Love the colors!

Thanks for sharing, Eo!

TC [Girl] said...

Even though you mention it's an iPad app, I thought I'd look/see if the Android Market had it, on Kindle. Not. :0( Looks very cool...although I bet that Umbra could probably do same beautiful stuff in any app that has the brushes, etc. that he needs! What a gift!