Thursday, January 10, 2013

Qualcomm's insane CES 2013 keynote in pictures and tweets

Qualcomm's insane CES 2013 keynote in pictures and tweets, article.
The cognitive dissonance reached an all new high when Big Bird was followed by archbishop Desmond Tutu on the big screen. He was praising Qualcomm's involvement in world health initiatives.

I guess this is what happens when a big faceless corporation (I don't even know what Qualcomm does, beyond that it owned my favorite email app Eudora for a while and then abandoned it) decides that times are so desperate that no amount of Edginess can be too much in order to reach today's young and hip. By definition, big corporations don't understand edginess. It's like a whale trying to understand mountaineering.

Update: here is the video of it. They did not exaggerate the badness of the three actors in the beginning. (Actually I mean the script; the poor young actors did a good job of a very bad gig. I hope this will not haunt them too much.) It's like a parody of a parody, without self-consciousness. OhMahGawd.

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