Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Big-phones are growing

Seven inches are just better than five. Unless you want to keep it in your pocket.

The big-phone market is expanding, in more than one way.

It struck me recently, why don't the tablets with 3G or 4G capability also have phone capability? That surely can't be that hard? Well, now two of them do, an Asus Fonepad and the new Galaxy Note 8.

For those of us who use a big phone or small tablet 98% for surfing, reading and video*, and 2% for phone calls, "phablets" are kewl. It's just silly to have to carry two devices and have two contracts and bills, when one device easily could do it all.

*Many would throw in gaming here too, but it's funny, games could never hold my attention. I have tried dozens of them over the years, but after max ten minutes I just lose interest. 

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