Saturday, February 9, 2013

iPad one

I was just looking at my "old" iPad One, and I was struck by two things: 

1: How much I still like it, and how much it recalls to me the feeling of how immensely important a step it was in computing. I think very few people yet realize just how big tablets is, I think it's almost on par with the World Wide Web. 

2: How outdated it is. The screen is not even close to iPad 2's screen, despite having the same resolution. It is too slow for some of the new apps. It doesn't have a camera. It can't use the newest iOS (6), it can't use Siri or dictation, etc. (To be fair, iPad 2 can't use Siri either.)

3: So I looked it up on eBay UK, and was shocked at the high prices it is still fetching! Around £200/$300! That is not much less than a brand-new iPad 2 or iPad Mini! 

I am not sure what this means. Perhaps there is waiting to get a new iPad, though I have not heard of this. Or this is just another vote about how important the platform is, dripping down even to version one. I dunno. 

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