Friday, April 12, 2013

The second really pretty phone has arrived

The HTC One Deserves Its Place in the Spotlight, article by Pogue.
It’s an Android phone — the most beautiful one you’ve ever seen. Seriously. It makes you feel happy and calm just holding this thing in your hands. There’s a picture of the HTC One next to “gorgeous” in the dictionary.

I'd really like one. Except I don't really *need* it, and phones are so much more expensive than tablets. (Why?) This seems to be over 800 dollars unlocked, some places selling it for over $1,100! That's insanity. There's apparently a mania to own the newest hottest phone, which does not exist amongst tablets in the same way. Weird.

Also, they have removed the Menu button. Why??? Android doesn't work without a menu button, 3/4ths of apps depend on it.

But it really does seem to look very nice, I'd like to have it. (I wanted to have the iPhone 5 for that reason too, but then we heard all that stuff about how it gets scratched if you think about putting it down.)

BTW, this is another one of those with 470 pixels per inch. If you thought the camera megapixel race got out of hand... Which human eye can take advantage of nearly 500 PPI?

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