Friday, April 5, 2013

Waterfield "Indy" bag

Update: Because of the leather and being handmade in the US, prices can't be rock-bottom of course. But the Waterfield bag I use the most because of light weight, is also very reasonably priced: the VertiGo. (All their bags come in different sizes too.)

I've just ordered a Waterfield Designs "Indy" bag, in small size (for a medium sized tablet (7-8 inch) and a few bits and bobs), and in black. (I like the brown distressed suede-like leather a lot, but brown doesn't go with anything I have, unless it's very dark.)
I like that it's simple and minimal like an extra big pocket.
The thing is, a tablet is usually too large for a pocket, but with normal bags, you add a lot of bulk and weight! So the Indy is an answer to that.

Waterfield Design's products are quality, they have the best look-and-feel I have encountered in bags, and yet they are not over-priced. I’m addicted to these products, they are some of those very rare products which give me that feeling of “substance” which I have been complaining of lately is mostly missing in the world. You know? A feeling of quality and thought, even Awareness. There's a there, there.

(I think the "New iPad" he mentions is not the first one, but the iPad 3. I thought at first that the video and bag was three years old, but it's just one. See, another example of how not naming products creates confusion, Apple.) 

I wonder if it's not really named after Indiana Jones though? By the way, on other sites I've seen comments like: "Man purse!!" Oh yeah, Indiana Jones is too gay for ya? Who's your hero, Megatron?

I feel sorry for anybody *that* insecure in their masculinity that they fear anybody thinking "man purse". Because this is a *very* practical thing. A *tie* is *only* decorative, and yet men can wear that. Be your own person. 
(Lotsa photos in this review.)

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