Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kvetch kvetch, iPhone 5S oddities

[Sorry, bitter post.]

I just got my iPhone 5S. My really nice UPS man even came around twice to make sure I got it today!

And that's in vain, because it only takes "nano SIM" cards. Come on, Apple, that's ridiculous. You couldn't find the two milimeters more to make it so everybody didnt have to get a new card... again! What will iPhone 6 take? Nano-super-mini cards?

And worse, the thing doesn't even work at all without that card. All my Android devices can at least do that, meaning no phone calls, but wifi and everything else works. So I can use my Galaxy Note as an ereader without paying one more monthly fee. Again: Come on, Apple, you can do better.

Yes, I have written about this on Apple's feedback line. (I really hope they read those and consider them.)

Update 22 Oct: it gets better: even the new iPad Air uses a Nano SIM card! You would think that on an iPad they could find a milimeter more.


TC [Girl] said...

My slogan for Apple: "iCrap - the Bottomless Money iPit!" :-P

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Nah. They have their annoyances, and can be seen as arrogant as a company. But without them, we'd probably still be stuck with DOS version 15.2. And mobile devices would a slightly evolved Palm Pilot with reflective grey on grey LED screen.