Monday, October 7, 2013

The New World of Abundance

Open letter to Len Edgerly (Kindle Chronicles):

I feel your, uhm, pain regarding having fifty books waiting on the Kindle, and yet looking at new book sources.

I think we need to change our mind-set. From the old Scarcity mindset, where a book was something rare and precious which had to be guarded and savored.

... To the new mindset of Abundance, where the world presents within easy reach and cheaply ten thousand times as many books as we could possibly read in a lifetime.

It’s a new world, where there should be no shame in “owning” 7,000 ebooks which may or may not ever be read, or in reading 40% of one, and 8% of another.

Warm regards, Eolake

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TC [Girl] said...

Thanks, Eo... I have a GAZILLION books to read, where, yes, I have started and, then, jumped over to begin another, and yet another... It's like having several tea parties, in one day, when the day is, finally, savored...ALL to MYSELF and my never-ending trail of unfinished books, "lying scattered about my awaiting mind," as I snuggle up to read, yet, some more!! :-P

"Abundance" is a wonderful word to describe, exactly, what the Internet, e-books, and e-Readers have given us!! I think we just have to move away from the "black and white" thinking, of our forefathers, where it seemed that everything had to be done, from beginning to end, completely, before we moved onto the next thing; it is just a mindset that needs to be given permission - by ourselves - to "play" with the plethora of books that we, now, have in our possession...sort of! ;-)