Thursday, July 31, 2014

Use your tablet as a magnifier

I bought the wonderful little Mikey Digital microphone. Nice, but like usually happens with small gadgets, the manual which comes with them is very tiny and with small text, which is no friend to middle-aged eyes.
With good light I could just about read it, but it was not pleasant.
Then I got an idea: use my iPad for magnification. (First I tried my iPhone, but like I say often, the screen is too small.     :-)

You simply, in good light, put or hold the little text by the iPad's back camera. Filling the whole screen, it's very easy to read indeed!
Depending on the position of things, you can just read it like that, or you can take photos for reading in a more comfortable position. (It's fully legal to photograph texts if it's for personal use only.)

You can see how small it is. And if you click on the pic,
you can also see how big and clear the text is!
(It takes decent light and a little practice with the focus
to get clear photos of such close-ups.)


craniac said...

I've done this. My real problem though is that I wear contact lenses to correct short sightedness but as I age a also need reading glasses along with the contacts. This means I struggle to do anything too detailed on my phone if I don't have my reading glasses with me. I was therefore pleased to see this article this morning.

Vision-correcting display nixes your need for eyeglasses - Computerworld

Bru said...

The answer to the problem is nearly always to download the manual in PDF form. It is not crystal clear how to do this on the website, but it is doable.